Friday, December 31, 2010

I got a FEELING!

that 2011 will be AMAZING! There is no reason for it not to be!

2010 at times was a wonderful year... my highlights in pictures! Not in any particular order! :)
                                               1. We welcomed little Stella to our family!
                                     2. I am learning how to cook!  (one recipe at a time!)
         3. Have gained so much strength from my Mom and Granny - also gotten to hang out with these two AWESOME ladies much more this year!
 4. My cousin Sommer got engaged to a wonderful man, Zach!
 5. My best friend since kindergarten, Desiree, got married! (She is in the one with brown hair down!)

 6. I spent so much time with my wonderful nieces and nephews! :) I love all them. 

7. I have the most rewarding,loving job that I could EVER ask for! 

8. My best friend for almost 12 years, married! 

9. Taylor and I celebrated our first Christmas in our first home together!
Not to mention, we re-did our floors and with the help of my amazing mother, made 
our house into a HOME!

 10. I married my BEST FRIEND!

As much fun as these times were here in 2010 - I am ready for 2011! Bring it on! :) 


  1. A Wedding Story - Thanks so much! It was a year full of laughter, tears, smiles and GREAT memories!

    Meredith - LOVE YOU TOO!!