Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's been a long time...

So time has totally slipped by and I haven't been with my blog... Not much has gone on.. isn't that the sad thing!?!?

As we are preparing for the Holiday season, times are getting harder and harder for me without my grandfather. Thanksgiving was hard, not seeing him with Granny or making his faces like he usually does. I know Christmas is going to be tough, not just for me but for my whole family.

So to help get me in the Christmas spirit - I decorated my house (which now you can't tell because two dogs and a husband have torn it all up), I am going to be building my gingerbread house very soon, and the shopping is finished and I remain without any money! :)

The past two evenings we have had things happening with my Dad's side of the family. Friday evening was Cuzfest with all the adult cousins and then Saturday evening was our Christmas at our Grandmother's house. We had so much fun being together - you realize how important family is to make you smile, laugh, and just act plain stupid together! :)

This Sunday - as we are suppose to get the first bad snow storm of 2010 - there is much to do on my list. The house needs to be cleaned, finish Christmas cards, start my business venture (new blog about that this week), put laundry away, pick up our new bed, and lie on the couch! :) Here is to getting it started... but right now I am going to enjoy my quiet house. (Until the dogs start barking, tv is turned on, or the phone rings!)

Pictures from all evens posted soon!

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