Sunday, October 17, 2010

Great Weekend

It is weekends like the one I just had that I love being married, love life and all my friends and family in it! Starting on Thursday - I had two days off work. Thursday I go to eat an awesome lunch at Flag Fork Farm with my amazing Mama! If you have never been - I totally recommend it! Then I ran errands and got to meet a sweet bundle of joy, Ms. Callaway while Meredith was babysitting! On Friday, I cleaned our entire house and made it liveable again! It is becoming more cozy and more like a home, while slowly but surely pictures are being up on the wall (to the best of my ability!). 

On Saturday, Taylor and I drove to Columbus to see a great friend from college, Danielle, marry her best friend. It was a wonderful ceremony and reception. I loved visiting with friends from Witt and introducing Tay to everyone! He was such a good sport - not really knowing anyone there - except me! :) 

On our way home on Sunday, I made an impromptu stop at one of my most favorite spots - Rookwood and went to Anthropologie and met miss Molly there! It was wonderful... but it was at my visit to Anthropologie that my new goal has set into me... I HAVE to lose weight! 

So, because of my new ambition and goal to run a 5K ( in Columbus it was the half marathon and full marathon going on, so in the morning we saw all the damn skinny runners!) I must start exercising. I am realizing that my outward appearance is not the best to my ability - I don't exercise anymore - I just eat, work, sleep and a few other things.. I love food so very much.. it is hard for me to give it up - but I can start eating a lot better and taking some walks/runs... so I figured, I would turn to you - I will blog all about my ambitions - ups, downs, curves, rolls, etc! I will be cooking more, exercising more and living a "healthier" lifestyle and let you know all about it... I will weigh in, but unfortunately for you - the numbers won't be displayed just weight loss! :) We will be working on this until November 6 - Breeder's Cup... (the next event I have to go out in public and look PRETTY!) 

Let's do this! :) 

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