Friday, January 14, 2011

Ambitious Attitude

I am one person who can't finish one project before starting another. Projects are long term tasks in my vocabulary. For example - putting away wedding presents, organizing garage, or losing weight! Short term projects are called tasks: cleaning closet, organizing pantry, moving bedroom furniture, etc.

For example - wedding thank you notes - Our wedding was May 8, 2010 - we still have approximately 55 thank yous to write - There were almost 800 people at our wedding - so do the math! Taylor - as much as I love him... has only written about 30 of those thank yous that I have already written.. so again do the math! My hands are tired! :)

Anywho back to my point - I set too many goals for myself - I like to call myself AMBITIOUS.... I finish my goals eventually, just not always in the timely manner that I would like.

So here it goes - my new goal I set for myself Taylor and me: I want to redo one of our bedrooms upstairs and turn it into a mini bedroom/office space for myself and my new business adventure: THE HONEY BUNNY! I have the picture in my mind.. I want pale blue walls and white furniture. It will look beautiful. It will be a calming oasis for me to escape to.

My project starts: TOMORROW!

Here goes nothing SOMETHING! :)

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  1. You sound like me! You can do it, just need a little prioritizing and time. When you decide it is the most important thing to you, you will get it accomplished, it just may take a while. You are on your time schedule and as long as you finish the "task or long term project" at least you can check it off the list.
    Good luck with the project... advice, at least do one thing everyday to contribute to your office project, it will be done before you know it.
    Question: What is the Honey Bunny business adventure?
    Second... I will write the rest of your "thank you's" for you :)