Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well... now that I have had two days in front of my tv and computer as I lie on the couch... I have become mildly infatuated OBSESSED with blogging and finding new blogs to follow. For those of you that don't know.. i have the most amazing job passion, career ever.... I teach 1st grade. I have been opened to a world of teacher blogs and the amazing things they do. 

These people like the wonderful Babbling Abby or the Primary Perspective and my list could go on... makes me want to better certain things in my classroom! They do so many cute, handmade things for their students. For example, instead of buying all kinds of teacher resource books - they make their own! Which I love. I will admit, there have been a few times where I make my own things.. like any teacher.. but these ladies and the others that I found, spend so much time in their classroom and have the greatest ideas... it inspires me! Call me dorky, I know - I have the perfect picture to prove it! 

Therefore - my new goal is to work a little bit harder for my students, classroom, and school! I won't lie, I think I am a pretty good teacher - i love my kids, i love seeing their light bulbs go off- I mean teaching is my PASSION. So from this day on.. things will only go UP in my classroom.. hopefully some new blogs here in a few days or so will show you what I am working on! 

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