Thursday, January 27, 2011


That is what I heard when I finally got off my couch and went to the doctor. Two nurses and a doctor looked down my throat and jumped backwards... Didn't take but 3 minutes for my test to come back positive.... STREP THROAT! The doctor said I had a very bad case of it and absolutely, positively no work tomorrow... I miss my munchkins so much! I haven't been with them for three days.... it makes me sad.

But I finally get to post pictures of my latest/newest project I finished on Monday! I really wanted a white desk. I also wanted to do a home/crafty project. It was almost a project just to see if I could do it!

So I started with Craigslist and bought this beauty for $30! I got him to lower the price too!

After 18 dollars worth of supplies - white paint and 2 brushes and roller... I turned that into this: 

If i do say so myself... it turned out quite nicely for my first project! :) 

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