Friday, January 28, 2011


Tomorrow my love turns the big 3-0! It is no surprise that I have been completely dead to the world this week - missing three days of work - not fun! :(

But - I am excited for tomorrow - I think I will finally get out of the house (first time in four days besides going to the doctors office, pick up medicine and home!) I believe we are starting with breakfast and then a few birthday errands. Afterwards, I will be presenting him with his awesome gift. We are going to go to a local watering hole to watch the C-A-T-S play against the smelly bulldogs and then to have dinner all with wonderful FRIENDS!

What makes me a little sad is that after dinner I will probably have to come home because I am still sick :( while my hubby stays out and parties for his big day. I just wish I could be with him for the whole evening!

What are your weekend plans?

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