Monday, February 28, 2011

Have you missed me?

Oh my! Oh my! What a busy girl I must have been these past few weeks... here is a recap!

Last week, I went to beautiful, sunny Florida with my two cousins Sommer (the bride) and Carly... we were having a little girl's weekend with my Mama and Granny! Below are pictures of us before we went to Vic Angelo's in Delray... if you ever get the chance GO! Get the cotton candy dessert! :) You will thank me later!
Carly, myself, Granny, and Sommer (the Bride) 

Carly, Myself, Sommer and my beautiful Mama! 
The Bride and I on the beach! 
While we were in Florida, I discovered I have a nasty allergy to Cetaphil face wash.. within the first 24 hours, I had teeny tiny bumps all over my face that itched like crazy. Then as the day grew longer, the bumps grew to be red all over my face! Needless to say it looked liked I couldn't apply suntan lotion! Needless to say I lived on Benadryl for the next 72 hours - I slept like a baby in Florida (in the sun and out!)

Once our plane was finally in the air (after a FIVE hour delay) I got home to cold, rainy Lexington. I got two spend two nights with the husband - and then he left for New Orleans for a bachelor party. I enjoyed a little girl time by myself and after about three hours of him being gone- I was ready for him to be home again! :) (What can I say... I love him!)

This weekend, I got to eat lunch with my bestest Meredith at our favorite - Cosi! FYI - they don't do make your own salads anymore- I was a little disappointed.

Then I headed over to my little munchkins to watch them for the evening!
We were playing the "sea monster" game and were safe in the boat!

The three of us thought it would be fun to go to Gatti Town on Saturday evening... that was the second worse idea I could have possibly had... but the best part of the evening was when we met Bitty Baby Briggs with Aunt LeeLee at Gatti Town too! 

Finally, on Sunday - Taylor came home! My weekend was complete!

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