Friday, March 4, 2011

Fun Friday!

Whew - what an exhausting week and day I have had... and I don't even know why! I look back and we worked our little tails off in 1st grade this week.

This week though, as been so much fun as I am sure everyone knows it was the Doctor of all Doctors' birthday this week - DR. SEUSS! :) We celebrated in first grade by traveling to different places, making our own stories, visiting and make Who-Ville, learning how to be faithful and the most fun - making OOBLECK! :)

This weekend we don't have much to do but what we do have is F-U-N!

I will just start with tonight... I watched my nephew Harry play one of his final basketball games - and he scored the winning game shot! :) GO HARRY! Then we had a nice little family dinner at Billy's BBQ.

Now, I am home and ready to rest and relax! Tomorrow during the day will be filled with cleaning and working and hopefully a pedicure! I will keep you posted... don't forget to become a follower if you are reading! :)

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  1. Your blog is too cute and I love that you teach first grade. What a fun job! If you get a chance check out my blog and please become a follower!