Friday, April 8, 2011


Okay, okay, okay... i have missed a few opportunities to blog; but, I have perfect reason why! Tay and I spent several days down in Nashville, just the two of us! It was so much fun to enjoy each other's company and not have to worry about one thing! We dined out, drank, and just had so much fun!

Any who - I have been on spring break and can't say I have done much of anything which was exactly what I needed.

Last night, for a fun outing, Tay, Willie, Les and I went to the opening night of the Legend's Game... BAD IDEA. Not only was it opening night but it was "Thirsty Thursday!" You could not move - LITERALLY. It was awful.. so awful that we left a little early. But, to my great surprise... who did I see when we were leaving...wait for it...wait for it... JORTS!

Notice the amazing picture below.
Willie and I with Harrelson Jorts! Taylor clearly does not know
how to center a picture on the phone!

Let me tell you a few things: 
1. It was a great night to wear jorts!
2. He is HUGE (tall) in person.. i mean you see him on tv and you think he's tall- but in person he is a GIANT!
3. Also on tv, he looks a little thicker - he is a thin man! 
4. He truly likes cologne! He had a lot on! 

So all in all, my trip to the ball field wasn't so bad... because I met JORTS! 

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  1. I got a picture with him on Friday night at Suggins. I was completely star struck. and your right, he's a giant.