Thursday, July 14, 2011

Postcard Exchange

So I also have a teacher blog... The Classroom Pet - this is the same post from there... 

Hi everyone! So lately I have been "tardy for the party" and am missing out on all the Postcard exchanges. Every time I find a new postcard exchange, Kentucky is taken. So... I am seeing if anyone wants to do one!

Here is the info:
A postcard exchange is where a teacher from each state and her classroom participate! The teachers and students send a post card to a specific school in each state. So, you will need to purchase at least 49 postcards and stamps.The exchange is open to anyone teaching. It would be really cool if participants had a blog, website or another way to share updates and pictures. Postcards will need to be mailed out by the end of October.

It would be nice if all participants to include a line introducing their classroom and a fact about their state! You could even include a line about what you want to learn more about or to contact us at.

If you would like to join the exchange just email me at: Include your name, school, state, and blog!

If you have any blog friends that want to participate let me know!

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