Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Wednesday's are such a fun day. Each week a group of the girlfriends get together and have "Dinner Club!" Each week it is at a different house. The gal who is hosting cooks dinner for everyone. This can be something as easy as ordering pizza (which, honestly we do a lot) or cooking a delicious meal.

It was my turn to host!

I was in the mood for a good home cooked meal and have recently perfected one of my favorite pasta recipes. I thought what better dish to cook for this evening. (Secretly, I wanted to cook a kick a** meal for everyone!) 

So, imagine my excitement when I stepped foot in the kitchen today at 5:30 pm- I was ready to cook my awesome meal for my girlfriends. (Side note: I was in Louisville today until 2:30 pm for a professional development [PD]. I left Lexington at 6:30 AM .... so i was a little tired) Knowing that I had my P.D today, I went to the grocery yesterday and got all my ingredients for this LOVELY dish. It includes chicken, artichoke, asparagus, cheese and lots more!

After cleaning the house, I decided to have a wonderful salad with strawberries and feta cheese as well... the salad was made - easy peasy - then came in the sauteing of the chicken and look what happened.... (please disregard how awful I look!)
Look closely my friends - that is not chicken pox, leprosy, or freckles all over my skin... 
those are BURNS! 

With help from my trusty friend Jack ( see below) he helped me drop chicken into the frying pan where grease splattered all over the place my left arm...

After a few choice words, I finished cooking dinner because of course this happened when the girls were suppose to be at the house in 10 minutes - sat in pain for a little bit until I put after sun aloe on it...

Then my hero - Tay - brought me medicine (because boys aren't allowed at Dinner Club)! 

My arm is feeling better - but I will let you know after I have taken a shower!

So, I have learned - when sauteing anything - dogs need to be outside or at least not around me with their toys!! 

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