Tuesday, March 22, 2011


 The past few days and nights have been beyond long and tiring in many ways - so when I made the decision to sleep in today and take a 1/2 day at work - I knew I would be on the UP and UP! Boy was I right! 

Excitement is not even the correct adjective to begin to describe how I feel at this moment and here is why. 

I started the day by not even getting to work at 11 and having Subway for lunch. (Just a sidenote- work should start around 10 or 11 every day!) My kiddos were jumping with joy when I went to pick them up from lunch - tons of hugs and smiles. It was exactly what I needed. After an afternoon with the kids our staff had meetings. My meeting was with my grade level partner - but because she is out until tomorrow for maternity leave - I got to meet with our principal. I was elated because I was explaining what was happening in our first grade world and all she did was COMPLIMENT me! It is such a good feeling to hear the words - "Great job!" "Way to go!" Just makes you want to keep doing what you are doing. 

So, after I walked out of school with a bigger head then normal I got to watch these two little characters: 
When I got to their house, they were finishing watching a movie - afterwards we went outside and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine! We played basketball, rode scooters and played with Moose their bulldog. 

My disgustingly beautiful sister with her hubby. 
After playing, I left and decided to stop by the mall to pick up my lovely sister Abby (pictured to the right) a birthday gift... well (Abby if you are reading, sorry for the spoiling the surprise) I wondered into Williams and Sonoma - one of my new favorite stores! 

The most beautiful bowls! 
I found a few items for Abby and then looked to my left when I was at the register and behold what I found.... 

Now - the utmost reason for my excitement... For our wedding - I had registered for the platter, pitcher, and candlesticks - When I registered they didn't have any plates/bowls. I had received all the above during the wedding - then at Christmas - my mom and dad got me the beautiful SERVING bowl- it is huge and magnificent. Be it to my surprise when I walk back into W&S after Christmas and found 8 of the beauties - ON SALE! Needless to say I bought the 8 and had the lovely lady search all over the world for four more... she couldn't find any more....

Fast Forward to this evening... I FOUND THE FOUR I NEEDED! Now, I we have a set of 12. 

So bottom line.... Who is coming to dinner so I can use them!?!?!


  1. You can invite me to dinner any time!! this post made me smile ;)

  2. That sounds like fate! That china pattern is so unique and colorful, I'll have to see if they have it at the WS where I live!

    P.S. Thanks so much for following my blog! Have a fabulous Thursday!

  3. Amy, this post made me smile, too! You were born to teach...and isn't it funny how it used to be the perfect top or pair of jeans that got us so excited but now it's home and kitchen goods? :)