Sunday, March 13, 2011

Life List

My friend Mary Allison over at Southern Sober Girl Runs had posted her "Life List" the other day.. and I thought why not jump on the train! I have always kept one - but I complete my list a little differently.. I started with only one or two things on it - graduate with my teaching degree, buy a Maltese, but as soon as I complete one thing, I must add another to my list... So here ya go - here is my "Life List!" If it is crossed off - I have already completed it!

Life List!

   1. Travel to Australia
 2. teach someone to read  (I do this everyday!)
3. jump in the pool fully clothed  (My mom's surprise 60th bday party!)
4. skinny dip  (sorry no details here!)
5. go back to Ashford Castle in Ireland 
6. read Pride and Prejudice 
7. go on a safari 
8. ride an elephant 
9. visit the Eiffel tower 
10. learn to scuba dive 
11. Read a book on the beach in Turks and Caicos
12. Pay off any debt 
13. Have a vegetable garden 
14. Run a half marathon 
15. Exercise daily 
16. Write a children’s book
 17. Get nationally certified as a teacher 
18.  Walk down the aisle
19. Go to las vegas and place a LARGE BET regardless
 20. Open the Honey Bunny 
21. Watch ellen degeneres live 
22.Take cooking classes 
     23. Learn to be a photographer
 24. Learn to make my grandmother’s fudge
 25. Learn to make my grandmother’s peanut butterballs 
26. Visit/talk with my grandmothers once a week 
27. Create a girls trip
28. watch the sunrise on the beach 
29. view the collesuem with my own eyes 
29. learn to sew
 30.  swim with dolphins 
31.attend a major sporting event (Olympics, many Nascar events!)
33. learn to say no when I always say yes
34. stay out one night late having fun with my friends, when I have to work the next day
35. kiss the blarney stone
36. visit the holy land
37.  deepen my faith
38. go to Stanton island and pose infront of the statue of liberty
39. adopt a child
40. drink a beer at Oktoberfest
41. learn to tango
42. go white water rafting
43. Go to South Africa
44. Pet a monkey
45. Go see Mona Lisa in person
46. Dance in the rain
47. Put my hands/feet in the stars on Hollywood blvd. take my picture next to Marlyn Monroe!
48. Go see Phantom of the Opera, Lion King, Les Miserables on BROADWAY
49. Stand under Angel Falls
50. Master the look to make my love go weak in the knees
51. Fire walk
52. Ride a mechanical bull
53. Milk a cow
54. Visit a world famous zoo
55. Watch a horse being born
56. Go to church in st. peter’s (Rome)
57. Visit the louvre
58. Visit the four corners
59. Learn to drive stick shift
60. Meet michael jordan
61. See mount rushmore
62. Ride a cable car in san Francisco
63. Have dinner with Bill Clinton
64. Help in a political campaign (Vote Alison Lundergan Grimes SOS!)
65. Attend mardi gras
66. study abroad
67. Scrapbook
68. Host a craft night
69. Get a complete makeover
70. Re-inact Julia Roberts on Rodeo Drive – Big Mistke, Huge…well I have more shopping to do!
71.  Go to an auction at Christies
72. Make friends again with old friends (Currently in progress and always will be!)
73. Go to a fashion show during fashion week
74. View a cirque de soliel show
75. Walk in the 60 mile day challenge
76. Make a difference in an adult life
77. Read a tale of two cities
78. Go carrolling
79. Fly fish
80. Go hunting with a  real gun
81. Camp (not in a cabin but in a tent)
82. Learn sign language
83. Meet Julia Roberts
84.  Buy a maltese
85. Get my teaching degree  (Thank you Wittenberg and my parents!)
86. Get my Master's degree  
(Again, thank you to my parents and Georgetown College... may I add with a 4.0!)
87. Start a blog (I have 2!)

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all – Helen Keller

What are you adding to your life list? 

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  1. Wow!! Quite the list Amy. Makes me think what would be on mine, never really thought about it! You will have quite the stories to tell your grandchildren when you accomplish all of these!! Good luck!!