Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

You read it right folks... I am changing Wednesday to 
"Weigh-In Wednesday!"

I know, I know, those are NOT the words y'all want to hear - especially in the summer time... BUT, I HAVE to do something - I am completely unhappy not satisfied  with my body - and not just the typical cries and complaints a girl has - I have gotten to a weight I am ashamed of, I have double digits in my clothing which I cringe when I have to tell someone and  I hate exercise and use that as my excuse to do nothing. 

So I am challenging myself... Every Wednesday I will post my weight - hopefully we will watch the weight trickle down the number line... Usually it will be a picture of the scale - but today, I am just posting the number - link up if you would like to - I am going to try to put recipes and exercises and the different things I do throughout the week! 
So here is to shedding a few LBS! 
Weigh- In #1

Wednesday, July 11: 169.8 lbs

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  1. Hi Amy!
    I apologize if I already asked, but I'm trying to organize the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Alphabet Letter Exchange and I noticed that one of the emails I sent you came back. Could you email me at please so I have your correct address?
    Thanks so much,
    First Grade Found Me